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Everything has changed.

Everything except the thing that has always mattered most: serving customers by solving their problems. 

As we prepare for a world after COVID, it is the ideal to time reconnect with the heart and soul of your business - the people you help.

Now Start With Who is your guide to reconnecting with your ideal customers so that you can enjoy the next wave of growth and impact at work.

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Serving Is The New Selling

Watch this video to learn more about what Now Start With Who is all about.
“Now Start With Who is a timely reminder that our businesses exist to make our customers’ lives better. I recommend it.”
-Chip Wilson, Founder of lululemon

What Happens When You Serve A Clearly Defined Who?

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Valuable marketing dollars will not be wasted trying to sell to the masses. Your Marketing plan will focus only on Your Who.

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When your Who gets their results they hoped for, they will get excited and eagerly share with others the positive changes they received.

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Offering transformational, impactful, and life-changing products and services will always be in demand, regardless of market conditions.

Big Ideas You Find In Now Start With Who:

The one thing more important than money, that will propel your business.
Make your business disruption proof.
Learn how a string of bad dates and a bunch of Chiropractors helped discover a niche.
Discover the three motivators that drive companies forward.
Test your websites to see if it's connecting.
4 impactful actions you can take now to start serving your Who.
About the Author

Jon Morrison is the founder and president of Get Clear Consulting, a network of companies dedicated to helping connect business leaders to the tools they need to hit their goals.

Jon is a certified StoryBrand Guide. He uses the power of story to create clear marketing messages that grow businesses.

Formerly a pastor, Jon uses his love for people to help his client understand that by putting their customers at the center of their business, they can make the critical connections necessary to succeed in business today.

He has been featured on TEDx and delivers talks all over North America. Jon lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Together with his wife, Hayley, they have three awesome daughters: Abigail, Grace, and Lucy.

Learn more by visiting Get Clear Consulting's website.

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Jon Explains His Start With Who Message During A 2019 TEDx Talk:

Who Is This Book For?

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Entrepreneurs will learn the Who, What, and How framework. This unique framework saves time, money, energy and will bring clarity to your ideas.

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Start With Who gives executives a new perspective that reignites the mission and vision of the company. It confirms that putting people at the heart of your business is the key.

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Thought Leaders

This book gives emerging and established thought leaders a tested step-by-step strategy that will exponentially enhance the growth of your audience.

When you're trying to reach everybody, you're not helping anybody.
Now Start With Who Is Your Guide To Truly Connecting.
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